An open letter to Floridian Jurors

Dear Floridian Jurors,

I won’t pretend to know what’s going on in your head, what evidence you were presented with, or how you came to your decision. But from an outsider’s perspective, you’re fucking nuts.

Just in case it isn’t presented to you at your murder trials (Zimmerman, Dunn): I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the reasonable person test. Continue reading

The best time to ask for help

… is right after you’ve made a substantial effort and hit a wall.

If you ask before you’ve made the effort, you risk wasting your help’s time on something truly menial.

If you ask before making a substantial effort, your help might think you’re incompetent, hopeless, or worse – lazy.

This holds true no matter what you’re doing – panhandling or production.

Bonus: rather than asking your help to solve the problem for you, what if you asked them to help you think of solutions you haven’t thought of yet?

The Future Is Now

Late night feeding with my son.

I like to sneak in an episode of Trek now and then while he eats. I’m hoping he’ll pick up a taste for either the music or the Starship noises and someday dawn his own pair of Vulcan ears. Continue reading



“Over the next 100 pages, you’ll learn basic care for your Diaper Pail”

They don’t tell you when you’re having a baby just how much progeny-fatality-prevention-related stuff you will acquire. This stuff, purchased outside of the normal nerd procurement process, causes more stress and post-purchase regret than run-of-the-mill nerd-satisfaction stuff. Continue reading