Calling Bullsh!t – The Wild West is Back

Note from Nick: You might have noticed I missed Friday’s article.  I apologize: I’ve recently become unemployed and the job search and stress is taking a toll on my personal projects.  I’m not planning to fail, but it is highly likely that I will soon lose access to niceties like a roof and electricity.  If you are hiring for rock-stars in social media, marketing, or web design, or any one of my other fabulous talents such as baby juggling, herding cats, or uncannily good looks, check out my LinkedIn profileor personal website and drop me a note.

Last night the news told me that gold is selling for around $900 an ounce.  People are resorting topanning for gold to pay the bills.

That’s when it struck me.  We’ve come full circle to the time of the Wild West. Continue reading Calling Bullsh!t – The Wild West is Back

Back to Basics – Let’s Go To School

Deciding that I shouldn’t limit my options to just Marketing-only jobs – just in case – I’m going through all the programming books I bought as well.

I know that I can be passionate about programming (judging by the stack of books I have in my possession). I probably just haven’t found the right fit for me in that world yet and the improved skills could come in handy if I can find an entry-level/intermediate-level programming job.

I have an interview tomorrow for a web/e-marketing specialist position that I’m VERY excited for!

On the agenda today: post my resume to a few of the Andrew Hudson job listings, Monster, and Craigslist.  After that: I’m going to finish writing my Twitter eBook and focus on Head First C#.

If I finish with that, Head First Ajax.  Once I’m done with those, I’ll jump in on Pro Silverlight and Head First JavaScript.

In between, I’m going to record “No, Really…” – a fake news podcast and see if I can get the old Two Chicks and Nick recordings turned into podcasts.  Gotta make my added value apparent! :-D

4 AM Audio Heroism – Responsibly Removing Noise In Audio

Note: the original post references audio files which no longer exist.

I’ve temporarily taken over the reigns of post-producing the Star Trek: Dimensions audio drama to give Waldo a break and let him focus on school.  Unfortunately I discovered that one voice actor’s audio is just not up to snuff… so much so that I’m tempted to just purchase her a better microphone myself. Continue reading 4 AM Audio Heroism – Responsibly Removing Noise In Audio

Calling Bullsh!t: Millennials Can’t Change The World

Every new generation faces the scorn of the previous generations as those older generations grow old and crabby.

So, why does that make it okay, acceptable, or even expected, that ageist bullsh!t can fly against millennials?  We’re not supposed to get mad about that?  Just because it’s nothing new doesn’t make it acceptable. Continue reading Calling Bullsh!t: Millennials Can’t Change The World

Telling the difference between Entrepreneurs and Kooks

Telling the Difference between Entrepreneurs and Kooks is becoming more and more difficult these days.

Between Twitter “marketers” (in quotes for a reason!) who have 13k followers and do nothing but parade links around all day and Facebook ads promising unlimited wealth from Obama checks, there’s just so much noise it’s hard to keep our heads in the game when looking for that first real job. Continue reading Telling the difference between Entrepreneurs and Kooks

The Power of I Don’t Know

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok

I Don’t Know is a strong term in our language.

It’s capable of conveying frustration, ignorance (chosen or otherwise), or pure wonder and curiosity.

In the workplace, “I don’t know” can get you fired if it is said too often. The better form is as a precursor to, “…but I’ll find out.”

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you don’t know something.  But there is definitely something wrong with admitting you don’t know something and you don’t care to learn the answer.

There’s nothing employers dislike more than an employee who isn’t willing to learn, grow, or advance.  Unless, you know, you work in retail.

Using I Don’t Know as an excuse to fail is a sure way to get fired. Using it as an excuse to learn, though… that’s what earns promotions, makes discoveries and new products, and entertains the masses.

EDIT: 4/18/2009: My friend Tim had a wonderful addition to this (which I plan to make another post on) but, claiming you know something when really, you have no friggin’ idea is just as destructive to your career path as refusing to learn anything new.  Thanks Tim!

Calling Bullsh!t: Burn Your Bridges

The millennial generation can tell people where to go louder and quicker than any other generation in history.  And why the hell not?

We’re all after that kick-ass chair on the bridge of the Enterprise, aren’t we?  (That’s geekspeek for: “I’m going to own the world someday”.) Continue reading Calling Bullsh!t: Burn Your Bridges

The Power of Yes

“I do want to take guitar lessons. I do want to learn how to fly. Yes, I would like to learn Korean.” – Jim Carrey as Carl Allen in Yes Man

Yes is a key phrase in English.

Yes grants permission.  Yes opens doors.  Yes volunteers you to the service of others.  Yes gives money.  Yes gets you a date with the hottest person in your class.

Saying yes at the right time opens up all sorts of opportunities. But yes can also open up your world to all sorts of headaches you’d never have anticipated.

Yes should be used sparingly.  Yes means you think something is worth giving up your time for.  We only have so much time to give, you know? We’d better dedicate it to something important.  Like pretty girls or a cold dish full of revenge.

And if you’re Dr. Horrible, both: